What to do in Lopar?

apartments san-mar

For those who want to spend holidays in aktive way, avantouristic or playing difrent sports, this place offers you many options.

Glass boat excursion

Boat trip,

Every day excursion in aquatorium Lopar, island Grgur and Goli (ex prison islands).
Aquagun in Lopar


Sprort centrum, minigolf, tenis

Sports fields

Ther are lots of modern equiped sports fields for tenis, football with grass, mini golf, etc...
Tenis school in Lopar

Teniss school

Rab offers more then 30 tennis courts. Sport centre in Lopar, San Marino, has 6 tennis courts, where you can take teniss school.
Windsurfing on strong wind

Windsufring i Kite

This is definitely the right place to test your windsurfing and kite skills.
The area is extremely well positioned as far as winds and currents are concerned, no matter if you do free ride, free style, race, slalom or some other discipline.
Lopar wood


Hiking is the only way of really getting to know Lopar. 10 kilometres of paths will give you an insight to the area’s history and traditional way of life, leading you through beautiful scenery featuring old mountain houses,
Diving and exploring


Discover the charms of submarine world through a number of very attractive locations that will surely fill you with admiration. In our vicinity you will also find SSI, CMAS, and PADI diving school, have an opportunity to take part in organized diving excursions or rent out diving equipment.
Jet ski riding

Jet ski, Parasailing, Water skiing

In the  vicinity there are facilities where you can rent a Jet Ski, enjoy in waterskiing and various other beach activities that will make your stay here more fun.
Taxi boat to fkk beach

Taksi boat trip to the near nudist beach

You can go to the lonely and beautifuly bays and beaches where you can enjoy in unspoiled nature.
Coctail bars on beach

Coctail bars on the beach

Island Goli, ex prison island

Island Goli (prison island) excursion

It is possibile to visit ex politic prison island named "Goli otok", well known as "Croatian Alcatraz".
Specialties of lopar kitchen


You will enjoy in local specialities in over 30 restaurants...
Traditional Rapska fijera wear

Rab fjera

Rab fjera - The best European display of medieval life. Manifestations held on St. Jacob, St. Ann and St. Christopher days. The Old City of Rab lives in medieval times, all participants are in costumes, there’s a display of old crafts  and traditional trades, cuisine, fishing…
Beach-Volleyball on beach Livacina

Beach volleyball

Historical monuments on island Rab

History and culture

The first written accounts of the Island of Rab can be found in the works of the antic writers, so with many tourist guides it is possibile to discover historical and cultural treasure of Rab.